We are seeking Summer Staff Ministry Team workers for our 2024 Haluwasa Camping Season!

If you or someone you know is looking for a way to serve God while having the most amazing summer experience, then send us your completed Summer Staff Application today - Come have an epic summer!

Camp Haluwasa will provide Summer Staff Ministry Training for all positions


Join the Haluwasa Summer Camp Staff - Christian Counselors - Lifeguards - Leaders


Camp Haluwasa has full-time and part-time summer staff ministry positions available for 2024. Join our camping ministry team and discover the adventure that awaits you! Serve the Lord while making lifetime friendships here at Camp Haluwasa. Challenge yourself and see what God has for you here at Camp. Give of yourself and see the lives of many campers change while they experience "The Ultimate Christian Camping Experience!"

Emerge yourself in a ministry dedicated to sharing God's Word with children and teens. Enjoy the summer sunshine across the Haluwasa lakes while walking down one of our wooded paths. Get challenged at Haluwasa and become a good encourager of others. Enjoy learning new talents and discovering more about yourself while you take in each moment. Camp Haluwasa offers something for everyone.

We are looking for young Christian workers ages 16-17, new adults 18-20, and adults 21+. Our ministry team will experience fun, worship, direction from the Word of God, singing, challenges, uplifting pastors and speakers, personal encouragement, leadership, swimming, camping activities, skits, and much more! *Note: All hired Summer Staff over 18 must fill out and have a background criminal and background check. (NJ State Policy for Camps).

Camp Haluwasa will provide Summer Staff Ministry Training for all positions.

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Program Leaders - $TBA/week, min. age - 17
This is a great opportunity to share your maturity, love, and God’s Word as a caring ministry team leader. You will direct and organize the counselors and campers in your program and lead daily Bible-teaching sessions. Our programs include Frontier Village campers - ages 8-10, Wilderness Outpost campers - ages 11 & 12, Tee Pee Town campers ages 13 -15 and Day Campers, ages 6 -14. Haluwasa will fully train a qualified applicant for these positions as well as provide support, a daily schedule, and assigned activity locations providing campers with a maximum safe, fun, and spiritual learning experience.

Camp Counselor - $TBA/week, min. age - 16 Make an immediate impact for Christ and a lifetime difference for dozens of campers by becoming a Camp Counselor at Haluwasa. Your leadership will be an amazing opportunity to share your friendship, testimony, and the wisdom of God’s Word with boys and girls who really need a Christian mentor. For many campers, you might be their only lifetime opportunity to see firsthand the incredible difference Christ can make in an individual’s life and eternity.

Day Camp Counselor - $TBA/week, min. age - 16 - Help your leader run scheduled camp events and keep campers engaged and having a great time. Share your faith and your God given talents to enhance the Ultimate Christian Day Camp Experience! Counselors are a vital part of making summer camp events fun, safe and challenging. Responsibilities include: keeping to a camp schedule, keeping campers accountable to the camp rules, encourage campers to face and accomplish camp program challenges, share your testimony, help campers and other staff members grow closer to God in their personal walk of faith.

Lifeguard - Haluwasa can train you to be a certified lifeguard! Sign up to be apart of this exciting team. You can be a counselor or leader and be a lifeguard at Camp Haluwasa. Lifeguards must train and pass their Lifeguarding & Waterfront training program to participate. Enjoy the sun and fun while keeping campers and staff safe at our amazing waterfront! You'll be apart of a team that serves in a special capacity and make lifelong fellow lifeguard friends. Email Michael: with any questions.

Medical AIDE - $TBA/week, must work at least 5 weeks, min age - 18 Help keep campers as well as summer staff members healthy and happy. With keen attention to detail, you will review select camper’s health situations, receive and administer medications as per instructions provided, attend to minor injuries and respond to occasional emergencies. Email Michael: to set up a Zoom meeting.

Activities Director - $TBA/week, min. age - 17 Guide campers as they safely experience Haluwasa’s exciting activities, including elements of our challenging Obstacle Course featuring a Climbing Wall and Zip Line. Expand camper’s horizons by helping them reach new personal physical achievements and develop teamwork skills. Encourage campers to excel as you coach and officiate Haluwasa games and competitions, including Wasaball, Tire Pull, Paintball, Horsemanship, Archery, and more. Training to safely lead these events will be provided.

Camp Cook/Kitchen Manager - $TBD Based on experience, must work at least 6 weeks, min. age - 18 Lead Haluwasa’s entire kitchen and food service operations. The cook will follow our daily menu, order food and related items in advance as needed, keep product purchase and inventory accountability, organize and lead the kitchen staff, keep all kitchen and dining hall operations sanitary, prepare healthy fresh and hot food timely as scheduled, keep food stock and left-overs stored safely and used in timely rotation and oversee a full sanitary cleanup of kitchen and dining hall. The applicant should have food service experience. Email Michael: with any questions or to set up an zoom meeting.

Kitchen & Housekeeping Staff (OPS) - $TBA/week, min. age - 16 The Operations Staff (OPS) take part in a most rewarding summer by helping provide campers with the best mealtime and serving experience. Be encouraged by summer staff members and enjoy the camaraderie of serving God with an enthusiastic team of young people who typically become life long friends. Our housekeeping staff take great care and pride in keeping our camp facilities clean and ready for each days activities and adventures. Join the Haluwasa’s OPS Staff and serve with your heart and God will surely bless you with a summer that will shape and uplift your life and spiritual walk with God.

Music Director - $TBA/week, min. age - 17 Lead and teach campers and staff as they enthusiastically praise God in song! Music and group singing is one of the highlights of Haluwasa’s entire camp week. Singing moves campers to focus on the spiritual reality of God’s love for them. Because the modern praise songs we sing are solidly based on Scripture, it’s a spiritual encouragement campers take home, share with others and recall for years. Haluwasa’s summer Music Director must have good music leadership skills and preferably the ability to play either a guitar or portable keyboard. (Camp Haluwasa can provide musical and media equipment)

Summer Program Director - $TBD Based on experience, min. age - 18.

Summer Staff Program Director Opportunity
The purpose of Camp Haluwasa's Summer Program Director is to further the mission of the camp through the managing of our summer staff and delivery of programming; teach and manage programs themes and curriculum; oversee approved camp activities appropriate to the campers' age and abilities; and working with all camp departments to assist in the management of the overall all camp operation at the direction of the Camp Director. This position is an exciting opportunity for a born-again, mature, ministry-minded Christian to be part of our dedicated youth camping and ministry team. The applicant should be a fun person, physically fit and have experience in: youth/children ministry, church programming, event management, AV setup and media presentation, etc. Other necessary skill sets are being comfortable as a front person able to command an audience's attention while making a positive connection, keeping staff and campers safe, gaining the respect of the ministry team through leading, and keeping everyone accountable to our camping regulations and standards. Organizational skills with a productivity mindset is mandatory. The compensation package can include salary, housing, utilities, and other benefits. This is a summer-time ministry position with the possibility of becoming full-time.

  • Strong Christian Faith & Lifestyle
  • Positive & Willing Heart Attitude
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Open to Learning New Things
  • Adventurous - Ready for the Challenge
  • A Love for the Outdoors
  • Sharing the Gospel with Campers
  • Daily Reading of Your Bible
  • Non-Cursing - Wise Speaker of Truth & Love
  • Non-Selfish - Looking to Serve Others First
  • Heart of Ministry - Doing What God Wants
  • Non-Prideful - Love for Growing In Christ
  • A Caring Heart
  • Good Listening Skills
  • Musical Talents - Singing & Playing Instrument
  • Puppets - Funny & Talented
  • Live Skit Imagination
  • Art & Crafts Skills
  • Sportsmanship
  • Leading Devotions
  • Love for Working with Children
  • Open Minded - Willing to Work It Out
  • Flexible - Ready for Change
  • Disciplined - Following a Schedule
  • Honest & Truthful
  • Love & Tolerance
  • Willing to Adapt to New Things
  • Able to Direct People


An Invite From Our Camp Director

Dear Potential Summer Staff Ministry Team Member,
Apply today to join the Haluwasa family and serve God in an exciting and adventurous Christian Camp environment! God has given you exceptional skills and talents, and here at Camp Haluwasa, you can put them to great use for His kingdom-building plan of action. Each day at camp Haluwasa, you'll be a vital part of our camp motto: "The Ultimate Christian Camping Experience!". As a hired summer staff ministry team member, you will help today's youth grow closer to God through your example of faith and love for Him. You will be a part of a summer adventure and inspire campers and your fellow staff to reach new levels of achievements, faith and make unforgettable lifetime memories here at Haluwasa.

Our ministry team is a family of loving Christians that strive to build up campers and each other. Our summer camp programs are Christ-centered, and Haluwasa offers many diverse outdoor & indoor challenges and adventurous games. As a summer staff member, you'll get to meet new people and develop friendships that can last a lifetime. I invite you to apply today and get involved in a wonderful Haluwasa camp ministry here in South Jersey. Please contact me directly anytime with any questions you may have about joining or applying for the best summer camping experience! Our camp goal is to share the Gospel and our faith with campers and parents across the tri-state region through incredible Christian overnight and day camp programs. This summer, you can share your time and impact hundreds of campers for Christ and get paid generously for your ministry service. Haluwasa offers some of the best camp staff ministry service weekly pay rates! Apply today to reserve your spot on our 2024 Summer Staff Ministry Team!

In His Service,
Michael Ellwanger
President & Camp Director


A Word From Our Administrative Director

Dear Potential Staff Member,
I’m so excited that you are considering being part of Haluwasa’s Summer Staff. Serving on staff here will be one of the most life-changing and memorable experiences you may ever have. Not only will you have the opportunity to share your faith, but you will be witness to God’s faithfulness. You will be part of something so big, and it’s unimaginable. You will be part of a ministry team that has the awesome responsibility of teaching children and teens about Jesus and helping them to grow in their walk with the Lord. This experience will stretch you beyond your comfort zone, and you will learn more about yourself and your own walk then you could ever foresee. You will see God touch the lives of everyone that comes here. You will see His love as each day unfolds, and most miraculously, you will see children transformed before your eyes as God touches their hearts. If you find this possibility exciting and you have a genuine love and burden to see kids come to know Christ, then Haluwasa’s the place for you. Why don’t you consider and pray about how our mighty God may use you this summer and share in ministry with us.

Serving Him Joyfully,
Lorie Nilson
Administrative Director


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