General Instructions

Please do not send valuable clothing or personal items with your camper. Camper belongings can get mixed up, damaged, or even lost. We always recommend labeling everything you send to camp.

Feel free to call us during business hours with any questions you may have.

What To Pack List

  • Appropriate Recreational Clothing
  • Modest One-piece Bathing Suit or Tankini
  • Notepad & Pencil/Pen
  • Camper’s Medications & Health Form
  • Inexpensive Bible (optional)
  • Flip Flops or Water Shoes
  • Bathing & Beach Towels
  • Sleeping Bag or Sheets & Blanket


  • Pillow (overnight camp only)
  • Soap, Toothbrush & other Toiletries (overnight camp only)
  • Flashlight (overnight camp only)
  • Inexpensive Rain Poncho (highly suggested)
  • Non-aerosol Sunblock (highly suggested)
  • Non-aerosol Insect Repellent (highly suggested)
  • Fishing Pole & Tackle (optional - We have great fishing here at camp!)

What Not To Bring To Camp

  • Cell Phones
  • MP3 Players or other Media Players
  • Camper Spending Money – See Camper Spending Money Below
  • Aerosol Can Products
  • Magazines, Comics, Books, or Reading Material other than a Bible
  • Alcohol, Vapes, Tobacco or other Controlled Substances
  • Fireworks, Matches, Lighters, Knives of any kind (no fishing fillet knifes), or other items that could possibly be construed as a weapon


Cell Phone Policy

Camp Haluwasa has a strict “no cell phone policy” for the protection and privacy of all of our campers.

Cell phones can be damaged, misplaced or lost. Their use potentially disrupts camp programs. Improper use of cell phone cameras combined with internet capability creates a serious personal privacy and liability issue for parents and campers.
Please Note: Campers that wish to speak with thier parents can request to make a phone call on the camp cell phone. Parents can call in to ask how their camper is doing at anytime durring our office hours and request the camper to call them on the camp phone. It is highly recommended to allow your camper to experience camp without multiple Parents/Guardian phone calls. We see that parents calling in to speak with their camper creates a homesick reaction and then they cause distractions (crying and cannot focus on the camp fun) and eventually they go home early and loose thier camping experience. There are no refunds for homesick campers or campers that leave early.


Camper Medications

All youth camps in the state of New Jersey must comply with strict regulations regarding the administration of medications.

All camper medications (even over-the-counter medications) must be given to the camp Medical Director upon “check-in” at camp. Any medications discovered in a camper’s possession during the session will be collected by camp personnel and parents/guardians will be called.

All medications must be provided must be in their original containers and clearly labeled for the camper. We ask that you only provide what is needed for the week. When dropping off medications, parents/guardians must give Haluwasa written and detailed instructions for administering the medications to their camper.

All unused camper medications must be picked up at the end of the week after the final program during “camper pickup.”

Haluwasa must destroy and dispose of all unclaimed medications by Monday evening following the end of the session according to state law.


Clothing & Dress

In keeping with Haluwasa’s standards of dress, we ask that parents help campers pack clothes with modesty in mind. Please exclude abbreviated, revealing, and/or tight clothing including tank and tube tops. Swimsuits should be modest one-piece bathing suits or tankinis. Please DO NOT send campers with valuable clothing or other items of value. Do not pack rock/band shirts, no foul imagery, or clothing that does not support camp Christian living values.
Haluwasa will not be responsible for damaged or lost clothing and/or other items. Upon discovery, all Lost & Found items will be placed on the porch of the Main Office for parent retrieval. Unfortunately, we cannot ship/mail items to their owners.


Camper Spending Money

Note: Please do not send cash with your camper. Prior to camp, you can add spending money to your camper’s “Bank Card” which they will use to make purchases throughout the week. This bank card can be used at each of our camp stores. Balances remaining at the end of the week will be returned to our camper’s parents during Friday pick up in cash.

Note: For overnight sessions, if you have not applied money to your camper’s bank card prior to arrival you will not be able to use our “Express Lines” during check-in.


Camp Haluwasa Shops

The Craft Shop is open during Optional Activity Time on specific days. Projects range from $2 to $10. Some projects make take several sessions to complete. Campers are responsible to collect their projects upon completion.

The Snack Shop is open daily. Items range from $1 to $5. Camp Haluwasa limits purchases at the Snack Shop to three items per day per camper. ***PLEASE DO NOT SEND SNACKS, CANDY AND DRINKS WITH YOUR CAMPER. NO ENERGY DRINKS ALLOWED. They will be confiscated and thrown away and not returned.***

The Gift Shop is open to campers at scheduled times during the week. Haluwasa T-Shirts and Sweatshirts may be purchased for $10 or $20 respectively and may be pre-ordered Online or during the camp registration process. The pricing of other fun gift shop items vary.


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Camp Haluwasa makes it easy for parents to register for camp. We are always ready to answer any camp related questions by calling our main office.

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