Haluwasa Christian Camp Rental Day Events

Whether your group is in need of a restful retreat or an action-packed day of excitement, our team can help you achieve your goals. Feel free to plan your own schedule using your reserved facilities or invite us to help you put together the perfect day event, complete with extra special activities or unique-to-Haluwasa games. There are so many ways to make it your own! Give us a call today or send us an email today to get started!

In keeping with our mission statement, Haluwasa desires to offer our facilities to guest groups so they can experience an enjoyable visit with family, friends, and those sharing a common interest in the Lord. Haluwasa offers a convenient location, great outdoor setting, comfortable facilities, the option of many additional activities, and the friendly hospitality for which we are famous.

Haluwasa Summer Camp
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Overnight Guest Groups

When your group is looking for a great getaway, consider Haluwasa. We have the facilities and experience to make your next retreat a success!

Best of all, Camp Haluwasa offers you the right stay for the right price. Choose from a variety of overnight accommodations as well as a number of optional activities. We’ll help you build your ideal retreat at a price that works for you!

Each year we host hundreds of guests of all ages! Contact us today to start planning your next youth weekend or elder’s retreat or anything in between!

Day Guest Groups

It is our policy that Day Guest Groups contract for a minimum of 30 people to make use of Haluwasa’s facilities in an efficient manner. For more information, please contact Lorie at 877-234-2267.

Activity Schedule

Planned guest activities must be fully specified in the Guest Group Contract. The group leader should send or fax Haluwasa their proposed program/activity schedule at least two weeks in advance of arrival.

Rules & Regulations

Since Haluwasa is a Christian organization, it is important that all members of a guest group recognize and respect our spiritual beliefs and conform to biblical conduct while here at Haluwasa. Group leaders must agree to enforce our guest group rules.

Additional Activities and Services

When selecting additional activities or services, please note that ALL members of the group must pay universally for that activity, except for the Obstacle Course, Zipline and/or Low Ropes Course which are youth activities and require a minimum of 15 participants. Fishing is also an additional charge on an individual daily basis (see below). Please note, the prices below are in addition to the price for Day Guest Groups and are not stand-alone prices. Please contact us for unusual situations

Meeting Areas per 6 hours of use:

The Dining Hall – $80, Chapel – $70, Clayton Room – $50, Ellis Room – $60 and Hummel – $70. The Landing, Haluwasa’s outdoor meeting facility adjacent to the picnic area, $40 per 6 hours of use.

Additional food service available, priced per person.

Additional Day Guest Activities, priced per group:

* Swimming
* Train Tour
* Boating
* Campfire
* Hay Ride
* Obstacle Course
* Rock Climbing Wall
* Low Ropes Course

Fishing – Fishing is only available to responsible members of a guest group. Catch and release only! No fishing is permitted in either the swimming or boating lakes. Those who fish should have a valid fishing license.

Please contact Haluwasa toll-free at 1 (877) 234-2267 (CAMP) for more information.