Camp Haluwasa Add On Programs

Overnight & Day Camp – For Kids Ages 10 to 16

While the amazing Haluwasa summer camping experience will not change, now overnight and day camp campers may select an optional additional program to develop valuable new skills and immediately put them into practice.

For an additional fee, campers may select one special activity each week. These programs will guide the participant through a series of mini successes that will build their confidence while increasing their ability. Upon completion of the program, campers will receive a Certificate of Merit. Participating campers will love these programs and not miss any of the Haluwasa camp experience.


Actual riding is always the most fun but to begin this program campers will learn how to care for horses. Included is hands-on experience in feeding, grooming and helping saddle horses. Training in riding and control technique is next. When ready, campers will have the opportunity to ride on their own while carefully guided and closely supervised by a qualified instructor. This is a program that almost every young person would enjoy!

Cost $125


Archery has been growing in popularity with young people in recent years. Our program will begin with insight into the historical development of archery along with training in basic archery skills. Participants will be fitted with safety gear and taught the correct use of the equipment. Target practice will begin at close range and then increased as skills improve. A variety of tournaments and related games will make this program enjoyable and exciting for all involved!

Cost $75

Culinary Arts

Just when we thought cooking is just for adults – we found out otherwise! Today many kids are learning to prepare delicious food and loving it. The basics of cooking and healthful nutrition is the heart of this program. Participants will get hands-on experience in planning meals, making specialty dishes, preparing main courses, plus creating and decorating desserts. This program is a tasty mix of technique and creativity that many campers will love. After camp, maybe mom will get breakfast in bed!

Cost $75