Summer Day Camp Programs

Our day camping programs are designed to be safe, exciting, immersive and unplugged. We have two unique day camping programs, each of which is built upon the core principles of our Ministry Philosophy, serving our campers through safety, sanctuary, and sharing the love of Christ.

At Camp Haluwasa, campers can disconnect from their devices and make each day an adventure as they experience age-appropriate games, activities, and challenges while surrounded by the wonder of God’s creation. Camp Haluwasa’s day camp programs are great for local families in need of summer childcare or campers who aren’t quite ready to be away from home week for overnight camp. Our day campers are able to experience almost everything overnight camp has to offer, jam-packed into just 10 hours each day.

Here kids can explore God’s Word, free of distractions, and grow in incredible life-changing ways!

Haluwasa Summer Camp
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Frontier Village Camp Haluwasa South Jersey Christian Day Camp

Discovery Junction

Campers Ages 6 to 9

In Discovery Junction, every day is an adventure! We take our classic camp games and activities and add an extra special twist with theme weeks. Bring your imagination, climb aboard, and adventure out on safari, accept a top-secret spy mission, or travel back in time! Campers in this program develop and grow as they spend their days exploring, playing, swimming, fishing and so much more, all while surrounded in a positive, encouraging, and Christ-centered atmosphere.


Fort Adventure Camp Haluwasa Day Camp Christian Day Camp South Jersey

Fort Adventure

Campers Ages 10-14

Fort Adventure takes our day camp programming to the next level by incorporating additional challenge elements such as our obstacle course, rock wall, and spring-loaded paintball target range. Campers in Fort Adventure have the unique opportunity to participate in our weekly field trips, which, along with our theme weeks, ensures there is something new and exciting happening at the Fort all summer long!