Summer Overnight Camp Programs

Our overnight camping programs are designed to be safe, exciting, immersive, and unplugged. We have four unique overnight camping programs, each of which is built upon the core principles of our Ministry Philosophy, serving our campers through safety, sanctuary, and sharing the love of Christ.

At Camp Haluwasa, campers disconnect from their devices and their day-to-day routine, experience age-appropriate games, activities, and challenges while surrounded by the wonder of God’s creation.

Haluwasa Summer Camp
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Here kids can explore God’s Word, free of distractions, and grow in incredible life-changing ways!

Frontier Village Camp Haluwasa Christian Camp New Jersey

Frontier Village

Campers Ages 6 – 9

Frontier Village is the classic summer camping experience, perfectly tailored to our youngest overnight campers. Campers in this program will join us for a week stay in a rustic western-style cabins as our enthusiastic and attentive counselors guide them through activities like swimming, boating, fishing, team games, arts & crafts, campfires, silly songs, and much more. You camper will love their Village days!


Tall Pines Territory Camp Haluwasa NJ Christian Camp Overnight Program

Tall Pines Territory

Campers Ages 10 – 11

Tall Pines Territory incorporates many of our classic camp activities, including daily swim time and tons of unique games. Campers in this program also begin to explore some of our more challenging activities such as rock wall climbing and target practice at our spring-loaded paintball range. Tall Pines campers stay in platform tents nestled in the shade of towering, you guessed it, pine trees!


Wilderness Outpost Camp Haluwasa Overnight Christian Camp NJ

Wilderness Outpost

Camper Ages 12 – 13

Wilderness Outpost campers tackle even more exciting challenges such as our Waterfront Zip Line and Obstacle Course in addition to a full slate of other games and activities. Campers in Outpost also participate in wilderness training, where they receive instruction on basic survival skills and then work with their teams to demonstrate what they have learned. Campers in Wilderness Outpost also stay in platform tents.


Tee Pee Town Camp Haluwasa Christian Camp Program

Tee Pee Town

Campers Ages 15 – 16

Tee Pee Town is designed to challenge our teen campers to get outside of their comfort zone, experience new things, grow as individuals, and foster their leadership skills. Lifelong friendships are forged as our campers tackle a jam-packed schedule of activities spanning all that Camp Haluwasa has to offer. Campers in our younger programs look up to our Tee Pee Towners as role models and eagerly await their opportunity to be part of the legacy of Tee Pee Town.