"The Ultimate New Jersey Christian Camping Experience!"

Haluwasa's Tall Pines Territory

Haluwasa's Tall Pines Territory

Overnight Program- For Kids Ages 10 to 11

Discover New Physical & Spiritual Confidence!

Set in a beautiful area of grand tall pine trees, this Haluwasa program offers campers a special living area in a rustic outdoor setting. Campers will stay in comfortable tents while enjoying life under the stars! Under the guidance of caring counselors, each camper will build self-confidence, learn the importance of teamwork, make new friends, and discover God through Bible lessons and devotions. Tall Pines program offers campers challenging activities in a safe environment.

Tall Pines Territory offers something for everyone!
Great fun and exciting times await you in Haluwasa'sTall Pines!

All activities will be led by a qualified and caring staff that is dedicated to helping campers grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our caring and dedicated staff are with the campers 24/7. We have a full time medical director and provide a safe environment for the campers to enjoy Haluwasa.