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Haluwasa Summer Staff Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits of being part of the summer staff at Camp Haluwasa:

1. You will be part of a unique summer ministry team – young Christian leaders who love the Lord, love kids, enjoy good times together, and are serious about ministry.
 2. You will receive valuable practical ministry training. To begin the summer we will spend a great deal of time in training and seeking God’s wisdom and guidance.
3. You will have the opportunity to share yourself, your testimony, and your advice with many young campers throughout the summer. They will love and appreciate you as their counselor and spiritual mentor.
 4. You will have the opportunity to listen to young campers as they share their hearts, their personal problems, hopes, and their dream for the future.
 5. You can help them move forward in their lives in a positive way by evaluating their present spiritual condition and then helping to individually build up each one through sharing God’s Word in your cabin/tent devotions and opportunities you will have to talk with your campers individually during the week.
 6. You will learn a lot about Christian camping and how its unique environment and ministry methods are highly effective in making eternal changes in young lives.
 7. You will be challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually this summer. You will learn a lot about yourself in a real “rubber-meets-the-road” ministry situation. This valuable experience will help prepare you for any future ministry opportunity.
 8. You will develop valuable lifetime friendships with your fellow summer staff members. Many of them will be the source of encouragement and good advice.
 9. You will also develop wonderful friendships with your campers and have the opportunity to mentor them in days and years ahead as the Lord leads.
 10. God will surely bless you greatly in so many ways in return for your complete willingness to be His anointed servant this summer. For instance some staff members choose to serve here when human logic dictates a secular job would be best. In instances where income was an important consideration – but people decided to serve here, we always hear how God provided needed funds or blessed individuals in other important ways – and clearly from His divine provision.
 11. While there are bound to be some sacrifices, you won’t want to exchange your ministry experience at Haluwasa for anything else. We know this is true because of the wonderful testimonies we’ve heard from so many summer staff members throughout the years!
 12. Having great fun in a wonderful place like Haluwasa and sharing God’s Word and Christian living principles with young people; what could possibly be better?



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