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Camp Haluwasa Testimonials

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"Camp Haluwasa is an amazing place. I went there as a child and my daughter now goes. I was saved at Camp Haluwasa when I was 8 years old I will never forget it." - Michelle M.

"I attended Haluwasa, worked here as a young adult. It had an enormous impact on my life and I recommend it wholeheartedly! The counselors and staff provide a caring environment for children while they (camp) in the Jersey Pines and learn about Jesus. Whatever the highest rating is, double it~!" - Holly K.

"The most amazing Christian Camp around. So much to do while you are learning about Jesus. I went here as a child and now send my son. It's a blessing to have this camp around!" - Sharon P.

"Haluwasa has changed me so much. I've gone for as long as I can remember and I always felt loved. This camp is like a safe house. You know that you cant get hurt here. I will recommend this camp to anyone and everyone. I love haluwasa"
- Amy R.

"SUPER (CAMP)! I went there as a kid, my younger brother, nieces and nephews have gone and my son has gone since kindergarten. My Dad said that every kid needs to go to Haluwasa - that is why he sent so many kids." - Dianne H.

"I went here a a child and i just dropped my son off yesterday for his third year. He loves it as much as I do. I have so many great memories and would recommend it for every child." - Michelle M.

"What a great place for kids to get away from the things in the world and just be a kid and the bonus is being filled with God also just fun ! So glad they are still around" - Robin W.

"There is nothing else like it. The best Christian Camp I've ever experienced"
- Glenn E.

"I went to this camp when I was little. It was a wonderful experience that still lives in my memories. My Kids are now going to have the same great memories ....I recommend Camp Haluwasa to any one looking for a great camp dedicated to kids and focused on Christ." - Ken E.

"My boys had a fantastic time this week. Already asking when they can come back"
- Crystal R.

"Our kids have been going here for years. They love it! I would recommend this camp to anyone." - Gary W.

"My son can't wait to return this year! (knowing his xbox and phone are not welcome!!) Great Camp!" - Kristine H.

"Thank you! My son had the time of his life and can't wait to come back. Thank you for what you do!!!" - Regina C.

"Hayley had an AMAZING time!!!! Thank you....We're hoping that she and some of her new friends will be able to make it to the Fall Retreat!!!" - Dawn A.