"The Ultimate New Jersey Christian Camping Experience!"

Camp Haluwasa Ministry

Camp Haluwasa Ministry

Haluwasa’s Ministry Philosophy

Haluwasa is all about serving campers. Having an enjoyable summer camping ministry program that’s rewarding for both our campers and summer staff members is our goal.

While making everyone comfortable here, we want our campers to have lots of fun, make good Christian friends, and become the “real stars” of our games and other camp activities.

The concept of “SANCTUARY” is critical. The world with its unmistakable anti-God philosophy bombards young people with its sin-inducing and personally destructive influences. Making matters worse, some of our campers come from difficult home and family situations. Providing campers with a secure and loving atmosphere and one that is free from worldly influences allows the Holy Spirit the best opportunity to work in young hearts and lives.

Camper and summer staff “SAFETY” is important! We do everything possible to protect our campers and Staff and keep them safe. As Scripture commands, we seek to keep all our thoughts and conversations positive and God-honoring. We’re super careful to limit our physical contact with other staff members and campers – and to eliminate unnecessary horseplay.

Most importantly “WE SHARE GOD’S LOVE” with our campers and demonstrate solid spiritual leadership. This includes giving campers affirming companionship, loving care, sharing our personal testimony, teaching and answering questions from God’s Word, worshipping with our campers, and providing them with the example of a God-honoring lifestyle. We encourage our campers to open and read God’s Word and memorize scripture.

Key to a great summer of ministry at Haluwasa is to serve with these goals “in focus.” God’s Word teaches us that if we truly want to serve Him we will make some sacrifices. And the end result is amazing! Boys and girls are built up spiritually in so many wonderful ways each summer. Many trust in Jesus as their personal Savior and others commit to serve the Lord with their lives. In every event – God touches every young person who comes to Camp Haluwasa!