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Guest Group Services & Rates

General Policy for Retreat Groups

In keeping with our mission statement, Haluwasa offers our guest facilities to as many groups as possible so they can experience a great retreat with family, friends, and those sharing common interests in the Lord. While hosting retreat groups, Haluwasa provides a great location, comfortable accommodations, excellent meals, a variety of activities, and the friendly hospitality for which we are well known.

Booking Requirements

It is our policy that retreat groups desiring to stay in our year-round guest buildings book a minimum of 35 guests with a 100% guarantee, for 2 nights, with a minimum of 4 Haluwasa meals for every guest except for children under the age of 4. Minimum retreat group size for our unheated cabins or tents is 25 with a 100% guarantee, staying for two nights, and having at least 4 Haluwasa meals for all guests.

(Under certain conditions, we may be able to accept smaller groups. Call for specifics.)

Complimentary Accommodations

Includes one meeting room, one evening campfire, and use of our game fields (ie. soccer, baseball, basketball and volleyball).

Additional Resources and Optional Activities

Multiple meeting rooms, and activities including boating, obstacle course, low ropes course, swimming, train tours, hay ride, and our picnic facility – each involve an additional fee. All members of the group must pay universally for additional activities. All additional resource needs and optional activities must be fully specified in the guest group contract. The group leader should send Haluwasa their "program schedule" at least 2 weeks in advance of arrival.

Meeting, even exceeding your expectations is our delight!

Most of our guest groups return year after year and have an excellent retreat or day event at Haluwasa. Because personal tastes and individual expectations vary, we suggest a first-time group send a representative to tour and inspect our facilities in advance of booking.

Discounts Available

Retreat groups that book 35 or more guests will receive a 10% discount if their contract is signed and returned to us with the deposit at least six months prior to their date.

Rules & Regulations

Since Haluwasa is a Christian organization, it is important that all members of a guest group recognize and respect our spiritual beliefs and conform to biblical conduct while here at Haluwasa. Group leaders must agree as to conform with Haluwasa's "belief statement" and enforce our guest group rules.

Package #1: 2 nights / 4 meals – $110.00 per person

Package #2: 2 nights / 5 meals – $125.00 per person

Package #3: 1 night / 4 meals – $95.00 per person

Weekdays (Mon-Thurs. Nights)

Package #1: 2 nights / 4 meals – $90.00 per person

Package #2: 2 nights / 5 meals – $105.00 per person

Meals and Optional Snacks (as part of overnight retreat)

Breakfast $9.00 
Lunch  $10.00 
Dinner  $13.00 
Morning Snack – Typically Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate, Juice, Fruit  
Afternoon Snack – Typically Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Cookies, and Pretzels 
Evening Snack – Typically Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Water, Pretzels, and Cookies or Crackers and Cheese

* Retreat Group Prices assume group is here at least 2 nights and 4 meals 
* Optional snacks can't replace regular meals 
* Make choices from our Menu Selection Sheet 
* Meals are served family or cafeteria style at 8AM, 12 Noon, and 5 PM. 
* Banquets are available in place of dinners. Standard Banquet $20 per person. Deluxe Banquet $25 per person.

Additional Activities (per person)

    * Swimming
    * Train Tour
    * Boating
    * Obstacle Course or Low Ropes Course
    * Hayrides
    * Additional Group Campfire
    * Fishing – Fishing is only available to members of a guest group. Catch & release only! No fishing is permitted in either the swimming or boating lake.

Additional Guest Group Resources

    * Dry Erase Easel, Screen, or AV Cart w/ extension cord
    * 27 inch TV/VCR Combo
    * Video Projector, VCR, Screen & Amp
    * Overhead Projector & Screen
    * Full PA and Sound system
    * Additional Meeting Rooms – prices vary between $50 and $70 per stay

Day Guests Visiting an Overnight Retreat Group

Occasionally people come and spend just the day or part of a day with an overnight Retreat Group. If a day guest participates in one or more meals and any of the activities of the Overnight Retreat Group, their fee would include the total for their meals and activities. If a day guest does not participate in any meals or activities, a visitor fee of $10 applies. Day guests must be arranged for in advance and fully accounted for in the final billing.

Please contact Haluwasa Toll Free at 1-877-234-CAMP for details and pricing.